Icomos International Committee on Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites

Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites


The main task of this committee is to study the evolving technologies and techniques of public interpretation and presentation, evaluating their potential to enrich contemporary historical discourse and to heighten sensitivity to the universal values and particular modes of human expression embodied in cultural heritage sites.

The work of the committee explicitly focuses on the experiential dimension of visits to cultural heritage sites, particularly by means of various media and methods of public communication.

  • Through what channels do people learn about cultural heritage resources?
  • How do they experience and understand a visit to a monument or site?
  • What messages, information, or values are they seeking?
  • To what extent are they the same as the messages, information, and values that the formulators of public interpretation programs seek to convey?
  • How can interpretive techniques or technologies help foster informed public opinion about ongoing conservation efforts? 
  • Can they help stimulate constructive public discussion about the value and significance of cultural patrimony?